Welcome to my website.

I’m an experienced Broadcasting and Digital Media executive directing growth, change and innovation in several divisions and business cycles for English and Spanish language markets. My career includes working within established structures, but applying an entrepreneurial spirit in developing new processes and working with new technology to remain competitive in the market place.

I am the Executive Editor of the Chicago Reporter. I guide reporting that is inclusive and reflective of the diverse communities of Chicago, provide clear coverage strategies, and enable journalists to do their best possible work, balancing daily news with longer-term investigations.

I am the Owner of the Latino News Network (LNN) overseeing six independent, local news, multiplatform, digital outlets in the Northeast and Midwest (CTLatinoNews.com, MALatinoNews.com, NHLatinoNews.com, RILatinoNews.com, ILLatinoNews.com, WILatinoNews.com). LNN’s mission is to provide greater visibility and voice to Hispanics-Latinos, amplify the work of others in doing the same, give young journalists mentoring and real work experience, and apply the principles of solutions journalism in its investigative reporting.

I am an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College Chicago, teaching journalism courses focused on storytelling for broadcast television in a collaborative environment.

As a skilled communicator, I build bridges with internal and external stakeholders nurturing relationships on a foundation of transparency to identify intersections of interest in meeting mutual goals.

As a Media Consultant, I coach leaders, and teams in developing initiatives resulting in growing traffic, business, and corporate cultural sensibilities.

I am the Founder and President of the Hortencia Zavala Scholarship Corporation, a not-for-profit organization providing students with resources to complete a higher education and succeed in journalism and communications.

I am the first News Director at WTTW News, responsible for leading, planning, reporting, producing, and editing news content and engagement across platforms and in the community, and served as Executive Producer of WTTW’s flagship news program Chicago Tonight. I was also the first host of Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices, amplifying coverage and stories about what matters most to a dynamic community reshaping all facets of American society.

I am a believer that diversity drives innovation.
I apply intersectional thinking in developing content and marketing strategies relevant to multicultural audiences by being inclusive and reflective of them. Always happy to connect with professionals seeking to do the same.

I think it is important to invest time in the community. To that end, I work with many organizations that champion the fair treatment of Latinos and underrepresented communities. I am the two-time president and lifetime member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ). I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

I’m the co-founder of the Latino Multimedia Communicators social media group which shares, discusses and supports professionals and their strategies/products of interest to the Latino community. You can find us on Facebook.

I am a best selling author sharing my experience in articles (many published by renowned organizations) and a book: Leadership Habits.

Y por ultimo, claro que hablo español!

Como he dicho varias veces…hablar el español no es un lujo, si no una necesidad para salir adelante profesionalmente.

Soy orgulloso de ser peruano-americano. Como muchos hijos de inmigrantes, soy testigo de sus esfuerzos y sacrificios para que la familia salga adelante.

Mis padres han logrado sus metas en parte por la ayuda de otros y es mi deber de hacer lo mismo.

Yo soy su servidor; listo para poner las manos a la obra cuando me necesiten.

Hugo Balta

8 thoughts on “Welcome/Bienvenidos!

  1. I like the blog “You’ll Never Make it” inspiring for young adults. Much interested in knowing if you can speak at High Schools. I think you have a great forum for the Hispanics in our community

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  2. Thank You, Sandra. I certainly do (speak at HS). I volunteer with many organizations like ASPIRA to provide youth with examples of positive role models…especially minority communities. Feel free to email me in order to setup some time to explore the opportunity further.


  3. I enjoyed your 5 de mayo piece. Correction—Mexicans didn’t lose the war. That’s why Juárez remained as president and French puppet Maximilian faced the firing squad. Also, rather that suggesting tequila, which is now a bit trite and from other parts of Mexico, how about Mescal which can legally be produced in Puebla state. (Tequila can be.)

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